Core Competency and Life Plan…..

Ever wondered what is it that you are really good at….or what is it that you really like to do? What is your core competency? Is your core competency and what you like to do constant or does it change with time and experience…?These are thoughts that play at least on my mind very often……and I don’t have the exact answers….


I think what you like to do by and large remains the same…but your core competency changes with your experiences…..


So what is it that I like to do…..??


Well I love meeting new people ….breaking the ice…connecting with people…learning new things….being the center of the action…..convincing/cajoling people to my way of thinking…..


So what would be the ideal job profiles for me….Sales…..Teaching ….Marketing….. Media…Politics!? Any more  idea’s anyone!?


Sales….I am currently doing that….and loving it…I have been with this company for almost 4 years…initially few years I would change projects/roles every 3-6 months….cause I would get so frustrated with what I was suppose to do…..and eveytime I would think now is the time to leave and move on…I would get a new role…which would interest me for sometime while it was new  and then I would be why on earth am I doing here wasting my time………been with the Sales team for a year and a half and I am loving every minute of it….and I think I am doing a good job out of it….( it would help if my boss thinks that too….i don’t know if he agrees or not…but I am sure he does not completely disagree! But I am happy with it…so that is what matters!)


 Now I think ‘Sales’ I am in the perfect role for me….but I think the industry is wrong….IT is not my core competency….I don’t understand it…I am not a techie….I currently sell ‘to’ the healthcare wellness industry…..ideally….I should be selling ‘for’ the healthcare and wellness industry….I guess that is what my next role would be..


While I am very happy with what I am currently doing….I think my next role that I would like to explore would be one of the following

1)      International Sales– Is selling to people of a different cultural any different from selling here….? Is it difficult to connect with them… experience with international rotractors has showed me it is pretty much the same..

2)      Selling for Wellness/Healthcare- Well…..I would love to have a corporate  marketing/operations  role in the likes of a Lakme Beauty Saloons equivalent….I dream to start my own unique wellness center when I am 40….so experience in a expanding chain would come handy….


So that is what I want to do in the next 10 years… achieve my dream for the subsequent 10!



Once I turn 50….I will turn to teaching…..all the gyan that I gain over the years on sales…marketing…setting up new business…I will use it to teach the youngsters….and I will make good money out of working part time…Training/Mentoring is something I am very passionate about…..and it is something that I am sure I will be  good at…but I just feel I don’t know enough of  anything to teach….I am climbing up the learning bell curve myself…..


Depending on how the next 20 years go….maybe I will get into politics….it is ironical of me to even say something like that at this stage…cause I hate politics and politicians….I know nothing about it…and don’t even care to vote…..but what do politicians do is sell a dream…..he they were honest and no corrupt….it would be quite an interesting job to do!


Well Well…this has become a looong post…..the initial objective was to identify my core competency…..but as all posts…this took its own course…and an interesting one I think!


 In the next 20 years along with achieving all these things…..I want to get married (hope to find someone I can grow with….and someone I who I can help to grow and achieve our dreams together!)….and have two babies (siblings are a must!)…that is also all a part of my agenda!!


If WordPress exists 20 years from now….and I chance upon this post……I will think back on this day….and smile….I hope I feel I have achieved what I set out to do…..Inshalla!


In the meanwhile….any help …idea’s…connections….views….comments I get are welcome!! J


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8 Responses to Core Competency and Life Plan…..

  1. K says:

    Champ…you already know what you are good at and the path you want to explore in life…that’s an achievement in itself…and now that you see the dots back and ahead…go and connect them one by one…and what better way to start doing that than ‘Just Ask’! 🙂

  2. abc says:

    good job.. this is basic now 2 nd step will be breaking 10 / 20 yrs plan into 10 small yearly plan.. den yr into 12 months .. n this way .. u ll get schedule for every day n ‘ To Do’ list ..

    as politics n teaching is ur final destination U can try ur luck in ‘Mumbai University Graduate Senate election’ ….. where all d voter r from mumbai university, n all r graduate…

  3. rahul says:


    It’s great that you have clarity on your objectives in life…many of us struggle to find them at all!

    however, a small suggestion – be open to enjoy the unexpected turns on the way….the journey is more important and interesting than the destination and the greatest joy in the journey of life is its unpredictability. i hope you always relish the unexpected and enjoy the detours rather than seeing them as diversions to your targets 🙂

    wish you a rocky, bumpy and joyous ride 🙂

  4. aplihs says:

    Ya! I know Life is what happens to you when you have other plans!!

  5. shef says:

    Nice to know that someone else is in the same boat (the confused people boat)
    Knowing you I’m sure you will find a way to make these things happen.
    You go girl 😉

  6. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be coming back to your blog.

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