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Price the Customer not the Product: Segmentation

Interesting Class on the importance and methods of segmenting the market. Key Takeaways  Segment based on needs and benefits and not descriptors like age socio-economic status etc. The descriptor variables have their value but it is more to know how to reach out … Continue reading

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Social Media Classification

When you are doing an MBA…you come across a lot of 2X2 matrix…..and I came across an interesting one today to classify various social media platforms. Just putting it here so I remember it! Happy reading!        

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Some More International Financial Crisis explained..

Asian Financial Crisis 1997 The crisis started in Thailand. Thailand had acquired a burden of foreign debt that made the country effectively bankrupt even before the collapse of its currency.Thai government to float the baht, cutting its peg to theU.S. dollar.  Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand were the … Continue reading

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Major Financial Crisis in Recent Years: Mexican Peso Crisis: 1994 : Tequila Effect

I know..not my kind of topic to write a blog post on….but I am doing a course in international finance so i better at-least know in brief what were the major financial crisis in the world and why did they happen. So this is … Continue reading

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Marketing Principal:Those who Live by the Sword Die by Guns and Bullets….

The first session of our ENDM (entrepreneurial Decision Making) class was about ” Creating value” for the customers as a business. Key Takeaways I. Form vs Function : Do not get stuck on the form of the product or service you are … Continue reading

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ENDM: Entrepreneurial Decision Making

Brilliant course @ ISB by Professor Arun Pereira (  We had 10 classes 8 in which he taught, one where we presented and the last one where he wrapped up the course. We have an exam on this course next … Continue reading

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