Of Selling Soaps and More…

HUL was on campus yesterday talking about what they do best…’selling soap’ and I was impressed..I did not know it takes so much thought goes behind selling soap!

Some key takeaways…which may not may not be clear to someone reading

Persil is an old brand from HUL with some bleaches etc and when Tide came in with a new technology with enzymes ‘Persil repositions Tide instead of imitating them’ and talks about how Persil is gentle on your clothes..which give out the message that Tide is not gentle. I liked the idea of re positioning your brand.

Variants in Brands

Variants in brands are basically variations in the existing product eg Maggi Aata Noodles. The speaker was against variants as a concept because he felt that is undermines the main brand. eg by launching Maggi aata noodles nestle is admitting that Maggi noodles is  not healthy! Another interesting take in my view!

But the most interesting part of the session was the Surf Campaign…

The global HUL team came up with a campaign which said ‘stains are good’ because they help children to learn and they wanted the India team to implement it. However the India team was not too convinced by it because the value system in India/Asia/developing countries has always been dirt is bad and learning happens in the classroom.

But the insight was that Indian mothers are ok with their children getting dirty if it in the process of learning some values like Another interesting insight was that boys after the age of 8 become emotionally distant from their mothers and their moms really want to know what their little boy is up to. Mothers are somewhere scared deep within that their sons wont take care of them ’emotionally’ once they grow up. If their child has values like  empathy, sacrifice, forgiveness, loyalty,righteousness and overt expression of love they feel good and feel that the son is getting the right values and will take care of them in the future.

Surf advertisements take these insights into account….they touch the emotions of mom’s and then surf sells more…data shows it! I did not know selling soap required so much of though!

Here are some interesting Surf Advertising…the first three worked well and the sales of surf went up. One of the reasons for this was that mothers looked at the kid on the campaign and fell that wish my son also does things like this…:-)

Empathy: Teacher/ Dog Campaign


Forgiveness Campaign


Brother/Sister Campaign


Hiccup Campaign


This campaign did not work very well because mom’s were not proud of the child in this campaign and they did not get the feeling that I wish this was my daughter! And the sales of Surf actually went down!

Am I as an individual really that influenced by advertisements!? Apparently yes!

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