Art of Living….

I have finally managed to start doing the Art of Living Course. It is so true that you can do it only when the time is right and when the time is right everything falls into place. I have finished half the sessions 4 weekday sessions i.e 10 hours and now have 2 days of weekend sessions (10 hours) remaining as a part of the course.

The course has been good so far. While I have always been a believer of energy/prana/chi as a concept and I have done yoga but I have somehow never been into pranayam. Conceptually I understood its value but I never though it was very effective. Art of Living has changed my perspective of pranayam. Breathing in the different styles they teach you really works. Small experiment, sit cross legged  with your eye closed and with your palms on your thighs facing the celling and breathe normally and observe your breath. Sit in the same posture with your eyes closed and your palms facing your thighs and observe the difference. You actully feel the differnce…it is subtle but it is there.

We did the classic “Sudarshan kriya” of the Art of Living fame twice for almost an hour each and it really does open up the mind. The experience is very difficult to describe in words.

Along with the kriya’s the funda knowledge sessions are also very nice. Some key take aways so far

1. Expectations reduce joy: This is soooo damn true. Only if I could always remember this and not expect anything out of people I would be so happy with everything they do for me

2. Opposite Values are complimentary: When there is misery you understand the value of happiness, only when you don’t have love in your life you understand the value of having love, only when you face boredom you understand the value of fun. Opposites are a continuum. One cannot exist without the other. We would not recognize it if there were no opposites.

3.Smile and act happy you will automatically feel happy. This is something I have always been a believer of. It was nice to say other also say something similar

4. Take responsibility do not complain. With responsibility comes power. Taking responsibility will give you peace of mind. This is so true and something i need to learn, internalize and implement. 

5. Power of Now: Live in the present.This is easier said than done. Again something that I need to learn. While I agree with it in principal and theory, it is not something I have internalized. I don’t understand it completely from deep within This was a session with disturbed me tremendously. 

There were some other concepts about time which I did not really agree with so will not mention it. I have my concept of time which i shall hopefully write about sometime…

Lets see what the second half of the course has to offer….till then… happiness and love to all…:-)

Love 🙂


PS: For people who have not clue what Art of Living is all about check it out…

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1 Response to Art of Living….

  1. Ganesh Shenoy says:

    I really admire the amount of effort and time you are devoting to AOL. The concept of “styles of breathing” sounds very interesting. I know only two styles – one above water and the other under it. 😛 About the takeaways… I agree with you that (1), (4), and (5) are intuitive but extremely hard to internalize and implement. I hope you enjoy the second half of the program as much as you did the first half.
    And now that you have some time over the weekend, why don’t you tackle the “lost” blog? I have been waiting for you to write about it. 🙂

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