Teri Meri Kahani: Quite Good!

This Kunal Kholi movie seems to have got so many negative reviews that I had to write this post because I quite liked the movie. It was three love stories rolled into one, an strong element of past lives and soul mates,good looking people, nice clothes, some nice dialogues/shayari,  nice background score, couple of good songs and a happy ending! I am easy to please with a mix of all these things.

I initially actually  though the movie is about unfinished love which would have been a different concept for a bollywood movie. I am sure the critics would have raved about how Kunal Kholi has finally done something different. But this one ends like how most bollywood movies do…happily ever after :-)….and I am glad it ends like that. Real Life may not always be happily ever after but Reel Life should be!

Shaid looks like Raj Kapoor in certain parts of the movie, Sharukh Khan in other parts and super cute throughout the movie and  Prinyanka is  super gorgeous! Go with an open mind, give the director some artistic licence, feel the movie and you will actually like it!



PS: Liking or not liking movies also depends on the company and the mood….don’t blame me if you still hate it…blame the guy/girl sitting next to you..;-)

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