Travel Buddy…..

I have been lucky…travelled around a little bit….spend some time in Europe.. Switzerland…Paris London….traveled .across the US from east coast to the west coast…been to some exotic  beach destinations like Srilanka; Maldives…spent a couple of months in Singapore… and ofcouse travelled across different parts of India from Kashmir to Tirupati….from Goa to Sikkim….visiting beach resorts…jungle safaris….religious places…little random weekend getaways…little mountain treks…rappelled down a cliff…and it has all been so awesome!

All this travel has been with many different people..…friends……cousins…classmates….romantic interests….alone….with random strangers…

I think I have by and large loved every trip of mine but thinking back on what is the ONE factor which determines how much ‘fun’ the trip has been…is the travel companions!

You could be in the most beautiful place on earth…clean blue seas with the white sands under the full moon….On top of Eiffel tower the looking at the Parisian skyline…or up in the snow mountains sitting by the fire place. .spend a fortune but It is how you feel INSIDE which determines how much you enjoy the place…and sadly very often how you feel inside depends on who you are WITH !

All these travel sites like etc  have options to book flights/hotels transportation/packages etc but the most important thing about a good vacation is good company…can these online sites also help us to find ‘travel buddies’? Is this a potential business plan…Tagline…..”We help you find company to travel!”

The other thing which greatly enhances a trip is having a local connect. I was lucky to stay with families when I was in Switzerland and facebook has helped me to connect with many friends who live there because I have checked in to a place.

I would personally love to show people around my city….especially on weekends that I have nothing to do…it would be nice to meet new people take them around your city and show them nuances they would have never discovered. I am no tour guide…but I would do it for the friendships this would help me to make and the pleasure that I would get showing people places they would have never discovered as visitors in my city. Would it be a viable business model for these type sites to have a platform where you register if you want to connect with local people to show you around a city!

Anyways…Bottom line…the success of any trip depends on the buddies you travel with….and hey…I am always looking for people to travel with and meet up when I go to strange new cities….are there others like me who are on the lookout for travel buddies too???


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