Hooked to Technology

Hooked to Technology 

Phones on the go..

Have changed life so…


I am connected everywhere

Now I don’t have to be tied down to a desk and chair

I can work from anywhere!

With a click I can see people for who I care

Ideas and experiences have become so easy to share!


It is a powerful device

But can very easily become a vice

If you are not wise

To make the right choice


To Love across the world…It has helped me to get connected

Yet people next to me, now feel so disconnected

I feel so alone

When your nose is in the Phone


Oh do you really need to text?

Can’t we just talk and jest?

Precious moments are spend

Looking down at the phone, eyes fixed and head bend


Look up at the beautiful sight..

Stop trying to capture the light..

For a latter time when you might

Want to relive the wonderful night…


It is a Double edged sword…

Depends on how you get on board

It is absolutely your choice

Will you let smart phones rule your life?


Saw an e-mail from indiblogger where you have to write a post about smart phone technology has changed our life. Smart phone and tablets have indeed been transformational for my life….I can work from home…I can connect with my friends and family sitting far away across the globe…it has been wonderful but at the same time I hate it too. Every-time we go out socially or meet people face to face, mobiles and tablets play such an intrusive role. It is almost as if you don’t have your nose in the phone you are not an important person!

Anyways…I decided to write a little rhyme to capture my experiences with technology. This new Asus Transformer Book (http://asusindia.co.in/T100/) does seem quite cool since it is a tablet and a laptop rolled in you…you can check out/comment on my little rhyme and the tablet both!



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