My Pending Reading List

Here is my current stack of books which I have to get to reading!

  1. The Life Changing Magic of Tiding: 🙂 The Japanese way to organize
  2. Amazon Way: It talks about the 14 Amazon leadership principles
  3. Mind Over Money: Read about the book in the Time of the Fortune a couple of months back. It apparently explains your psychological  relationship with Money
  4.  Start with Why: My Secret Santa sent me this book…super excited to read it!
  5. The Naturopathic Way: I believe we are what we eat, want to read this to understand more
  6. Working Identity: This was recommended in an Coursera Happiness course
  7. 10 % Happier: Again form the Coursera Course on Happiness. There shall be a blog on that course eventually even if I don’t get through the book!
  8. What Got you here won’t get you There : Hmm…Not sure where here and there is…but read about this book somewhere so put it on hold to get it from the library
  9. 1001 natural Remedies: Some book on Ayurveda type recipes, kind of random but I made the Fennel seed , ginger, mint tea for digestion based on this book
  10. A Life of Balance: Another book on Ayurveda, started reading it seemed kind of interesting, I hope to read this one!
  11. Originals: This one is not in the pictured  stack because it is sitting cozily in the bathroom, I guess given the name and the subject of the book about people who think different and do ‘original’ things, I am sure the book is happy not being with the crowd!

And ofcourse I have many back issues of Time and the Fortune magazines to read up….

I better pull up my socks and get reading! J

As and when and if I get to these books I will come back and write a post on it! 🙂

Keep watching this space for more!




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