I have a tendency to leave things open ended….

I start off many things and do not take them to a logical conclusion…

I tell myself I want to try it all out and I don’t really want to become an expert. There is so much to explore, try and learn in the world.

But not becoming an expert at anything because you are trying out many things make you eventually feel good for nothing and affects your self-esteem in the long run. It is the classic case of Jack of All Master of None…

I need to change that cycle.

I am going to change that cycle.

Start with baby steps, finish the book you pick up to read, finish the Coursera course you are doing, clean the kitchen before you go to sleep..

Evey-time you get into a negative self talk….stop…remind yourself, you are super duper awesome….you really truly ARE super awesome! 🙂



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I am me!
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4 Responses to Open-Ended

  1. Abhijit says:

    Love you

  2. abc says:

    you are super duper awesome….

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