Brain Gym?



I was reading an article in the Time Magazine website which asked” Is my Smart Phone making me dumber?” Well we all know intuitively that yes the smart phone are certainly making us dumber, I do not remember phone numbers, routes to places, b’days and so many other things which I would not too many years back.

But one thing that stuck a cord was  how they compared smart phone, always connected to the internet culture to ‘Cars’.While cars certainly made our lives easier and took us places faster we lost out on the physical benefits of walking to places and started living a sedentary life. Now ‘Cars’ were not the only technology to blame, we no longer have to plough fields, or carry large bags of food home, even for entertainment we now can sit on the couch and play video games instead of actual games.

Our life has changed tremendously and many of us  barely have to do physical labor as a part of our daily routine for work or recreation.

I am guessing a century or two ago if someone told people that there will be a concept of a ‘Gym’ where people would pay a monthly fee to walk on a treadmill that does not go anywhere or do ‘repetitions’ with heavy weights just for fun, it would have seemed as a crazy though but that is a necessity of the age

Similarly if I talk about a Brain Gym today, I will sound really silly but given the way artificial intelligence and technology is progressing “Brain Gyms” may become a real concept in the not so far future!

If you think about it Schools and Colleges are today’s Brain Gym’s but what happens to people after they finish studying and are in jobs which are pretty routine highly assisted by technology which does not require them to really think? Would our brains atrophy with lack of use and stimulation? Will the human race become stupid?

Well maybe not, we may have ‘Brain Gyms’ crop up around neighborhoods to improve our cognitive abilities.

So what would the future Brain Gym look like?

It will have different machines which you can go an work out in like you do in a physical gym today. Some of the machines I can envisage in a typical brain gym would be:

  •  Memory games station  to help to improve your recall: This is like the old card memory game we would play as children
  •  Problem solving stations: Maybe you play chess with the machine or solve a math question
  •  Learn a new skill:  A computer generated piano, guitar, knitting teacher
  • Learn a new language: There are so many courses available where a machine can teach you French or Spanish
  • Meditation booth which would be the equivalent of the current sauna’s after a round of hard exercise 🙂
  • The personal trainer would be your coach and track your individual  progress if you decide to pay a premium  or you will have gym trainers around the machines who will help you

As I write this, I actually feel it is a an interesting business idea. There is technology available for most of these things already if there was a place like this today, I would pay a $ 100 a month and go on a regular basis.  I am only in my 30’s, with a decent corporate job in a tech company and I already feel my brain is fogging up with all the technology around me.

Skeptics may say, hey you can do a lot of these things at home yourself  or with different tutors, well you can also do almost everything you do at the Gym without going to one…can’t you?

I definitely see “Brain Gyms” in the future….Do you!?






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2 Responses to Brain Gym?

  1. Abhijit says:

    Hey, that’s a cool idea.

  2. Neeru Sehgal says:

    Good business sense……

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