Will Heart & Mind..

The concluding chapter of the book Grit summarize the concepts covered albeit a little different from my summary of the book but it also added some interesting aspects.

A question that I found particularly intriguing was:

How does Grit affect your family and friends? Is having single minded focus which borders on obsession take away from the people around you?

The author does not answer it but leaves it open ended, she just says it needs more research. I live with an extremely gritty person and ironically that this is something I hate a love about him …so I would definitely love to read about the affect of Grit on people around you if they ever write about it!

Another interesting aspect this last concluding chapter talks about is that is Grit everything? After 270 odd pages talking about how essential Grit is..it is a good question to ask…:-)

To my great relief, the author  also concludes that Grit is not everything and success which is more likely to come because we are gritty may not necessarily translate to happiness.

She clusters human characteristics into intrapersonal (Will), interpersonal(Heart) and intellectual(Mind) dimensions

Intrapersonal Characteristics (Will)  includes, Grit, Self control, determination, focus etc which make it possible to accomplish personally valued goals. These are also called  “Resume” virtues.

Interpersonal Characteristics(Heart)  includes social, emotional intelligence, gratitude, kindness, empathy, control over negative emotions  and things which help you get along  and help  other people. These can also be called “Eulogy virtues”

Intellectual Characteristics (Mind) which include  zest for life, curiosity, openness to learn. The book does not have another term for it but I feel like calling them ” Experience virtues”

So while Grit is important….we have lot more to us as human beings…I think I am personally stronger in the ‘Heart’ and ‘Mind’ characteristics  and need  work on polishing my ‘Will’ characteristics  and reach my potential.

Cheers to becoming more Gritty!





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