Night Shift on the IPhone

There have been multiple articles and research which claim that looking into the bright phone screen around bedtime and if you get up in the middle of the night  can mess with your sleep patterns.

Smart Phone companies also know that and to help us they have a not very well known but useful feature called ‘Night Shift’ on your iphone.

You can set up a time and the phone will automatically dim the screen to a warmer light instead of the regular bright white backlight.

I have set mine up for 10pm to 7am everyday and I think it does help in some subtle ways. I know ideally we should just keep our phones away in a drawer and live life gadget free  for a few hours before we sleep but till we get that discipline into our life let us at least set up the night shift phone on our smart phones!

So how do you set up the Night Mode?

1.Launch Settings from your Home screen.
2. Tap Display & Brightness.
3.Tap Night Shift.
4.Switch Scheduled to on.
5.Tap From/To.
6.Tap Custom Schedule and enter the time  you want to phone to go into night mode!

I wonder if they have a auto schedule for the Do-Not- Disturb mode as well on the phone…I will check it out tomorrow morning!


Till then…Good Night Sleep Well!








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