Everyone should write, Everyday.

There was a time when I used to write a blog post every day, well at least I did it for a couple of months…now I am struggling to write even one post. This is something I need to change.

Why do I want to get back into writing?

Writing helps you to structure your thoughts, be more articulate and put your point across succinctly. This was something I was pretty good at when I was younger but I feel that I am struggling with it these days. Now I know more, so it would help if I could put my point across effectively!  Your brain constantly needs to be trained to build on existing skills to develop and retain them. Writing or  giving a speech would help to build the neuron connections in the brain to be structured in your though and communication.

Being in the information age, we are bombarded with stimuli and information. It is critical to be able to structure and communicate the relevant information.Writing helps to build patience and concentration. Writing is not quick…well on twitter it is but writing anything substantial takes time, patience and concentration. This is another skill I believe i need to hone further. I tend to be flightily and distracted and my monkey brain keeps telling me to do something other than what I am currently doing.

Even as I sit here, my brain is telling me I am hungry, kind of sleepy, I should have tea or maybe lunch, watch TV and finish ‘The Fosters’ episode  which I left half and oh my phone is ringing i really should pick that up. Gosh the speed of thoughts in this brain of mine is crazy. Writing would help to contain and tame the monkey  in your brain. The monkey is important, you want to be able to think all those things but the monkey needs to be in control and I believe writing would help discipline the monkey.

When you write, you create something that did not exist, you contributed your little bit to the universe. It may not be path breaking or a blockbuster  but you have still created something new and that is a satisfaction in itself. Who knows what lives you impact by sharing your thoughts! I just stumbled upon a blog by  a lady called Lakshmi Iyer ( https://lgiyer.com/ ) where she shares her experience  about adopting two white girls and raising them in a multicultural family.  We have been talking about fostering/ adopting a child in the US but had many apprehensions and one of them was about how it would be to raise a multiracial family. I don’t know if we will actually go and adopt/foster but the point here was that Lakshmi who I don’t know, may never know created something new in the form of her blog which was relevant and had a positive impact on me. So go ahead and write…create…add to the universe! I may not be able to paint or sew or make movies to add to the universe…but I can write… so I should!

Writing makes you calmer. I guess this may just be an effect of taming your monkey mind but I distinctly feel so much calmer now that I was 30 mins back when I started writing this post.

Writing helps you to understand yourself better and I  guess since you understand yourself better, you become a better communicator. There is so much inside us that is hidden and writing helps to bring it out to your awareness. Like for example, I had no clue on what this post was going to be about I did not plan to write about advantages of writing but I just did and now I know the advantages of writing. It may sound kind of counter intuitive but you don’t necessarily need to ‘know’ when you start to write but you ‘know’ because you wrote…Does that make sense?  Just go with the flow…write and you will be surprised what comes out. You don’t need to write a blog for the world to read, you can just write for yourself in the old school dear diary and it will change your life!

Wow…I am impressed with everything writing can bring to your life!  Now that I know why it is so good to write, I am pretty sure I will write more!

Cheers…to more writing! God help!









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3 Responses to Writing…

  1. Neeru says:

    True!! Your blog has influenced me and got me to think that I should also start writing…

  2. Abhijit says:

    Beautifully written. Writing allows the jigsaw to fall in place a little easier

  3. abc says:


    Everybody knows going to gym, work out, yoga really helps to improve health & overall fitness.
    but how many able to do it ?

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