So Why Don’t I Write!?

My last post very eloquently established the benefits of writing and made some compelling arguments to establish why ‘everyone should write everyday ‘  so now comes the next question, why DON’T  people not write everyday…ok lets makes it more personal  and  then see if that template will fit the larger ethos…

So why don’t I write everyday…!!??

I don’t know what to write…its not that I don’t have any ideas…. to the contrary there are so many things swirling in my head in fragments of thoughts that I don’t know what to choose and if it is substantial enough to make a blog post…

Should I write about my experience with dog sitting with  Rover or my new found love of starting a little patio garden or the lovely taste of blueberries that I pluck and eat from the street outside or about my multiple takes on ‘energy’ …hmm …maybe I should eventually write about all these things! So it is established, not knowing what to write is just an excuse and not the actual reason…

So what are the other reasons?

I don’t have time….Hmm…this is classic reason, very easy to give for anything and everything you don’t want to do…and if I am honest I waste soooo much time watching Netflix and doing other useless things that it is not funny. I definitely have time to write especially now that my husband is travelling and I am in an antisocial mood and don’t feel like going out and meeting my friends… I have all the time in the world! There was a time when I was on an exchange program to Switzerland and I was actually really busy touring I managed to write one post everyday….the quality of posts may be questionable…but the point here is that I made time to write even when I was super busy…

So there goes another reason….then why don’t I write more often?

It takes too long and my distracted monkey mind comes in the way….well…that sounds about right and I cannot refute that reason…yes I tend to get distracted, every time I sit to write my monkey mind wants me to do something else and I just don’t get to it..

Hmm…so I got one valid reason…but is that reason enough…? It is not that I don’t know how to control my monkey mind, I am a well functioning individual at least most of the times…I know how to control the monkey inside my brain…I  ensure I brush my teeth every night and empty the kitchen sink before sleeping no matter how tired and bored I am…

So why can’t I control my mind enough to sit down and write?

I did not know ‘Why’ I should write… There is a book I got from a Secret Santa called ‘Start with Why’, I have not yet completed reading the book  but the concept that I have gathered so far is that if you know ‘Why for doing something, you will find the ‘How’ to do it. We normally focus on the ‘How and forget about the ‘Why’. I would try and motivate myself by saying I should write at least one blog a month or I should sit down from 2pm -3pm to write but I never got around doing it, because somewhere deep inside I did not have a convincing ‘ Why’ for doing it!

Wow…Life would be so different if we had a resoundingly convincing ‘Why‘ for everything we did! This can be another series of post idea’s …Why do I work? Why do I work in an IT services company? Why should I write my mission statement? Why do I do what I do and why don’t I do what I don’t … Why Why Why! Don’t know if I will get answers to all the Why’s of life but what the heck…I think it is worth exploring! I hope you dear reader..join me in this journey finding the answerer to the ‘why’s’ through writing…:-)

Bottom line, I have convinced myself about the “Why I should write” so now hopefully you will see more blog posts from me!





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