I have been dog sitting the last couple of days and because you have a dog you need to take him for a walk around the neighborhood.

So while taking my dogies for walks around I noticed there are so many blackberries growing all over the neighborhood which we barely noticed last year because all we would do is sit in the car and drive out!

I struggled with the thought ‘Hmm…these berries look like blackberries from the grocery store but are they safe to pluck and eat!? ‘ It just shows how we have becomes slaves to organized food and removed from nature…blackberries grow on trees and not in grocery stores..duh! It is not that like I did not know they are grown on trees but since they were not in a packet..I was not sure…are they  I checked with a neighbor…can you eat these berries and she said  of course  you can and then I started my routine for plucking and eating berries off the shrubs around!

And boy…are they yummy or what! The pleasure of plucking and eating something off the tree is something different..:-)

So all you people in Seattle who are wondering if you can pluck the blackberries from the shrubs and eat…yes you can….they are yummy and safe…I have survived the week eating 10-12 berries everyday! 🙂

Happy plucking!





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