I was just reading or rather listening to this book ‘Ghosts Among us: Uncovering the Truth of the other side’ by James Van Praagh..interesting book, I though there was some truth to the book however since James is also  TV guy and an entertainer I though  there was some additional element of drama like spotting of celebrity Ghosts and speaking to Abraham Lincoln so I won’t endorse the book wholeheartedly but will share my take on the parts I agree with from the book and generally in life about Ghosts!

So do I think Ghosts exist? …..actually I do…I think Ghosts are real…

Ghosts  are also just energy…energy of people who have passed over from their bodies. Ghosts can be good energy trying to help and make the world a better place or bad energy just like people. I hate watching horror movies because it about bad Ghosts…I also hate watching violent negative movies with sad endings.

So have I had a Ghostly experience….well…Ghostly experiences are hard to determine and define and can very often be dismissed as coincidences.

One encounter which kind of stands out was when my grandmother passed away.

She was in a hospital for many days in Mumbai and I was in Hyderabad driving around 8:30 pm though the golf course and suddenly the lights on the street flickered and I and the friend  I was driving with both felt goose bumps and looked at each other with a ‘did you feel that…something was weird’. We ignored it and drove back to our campus and forgot about it. Next day morning my mom called me to tell me that my grand mom had passed away the previous night and when I checked with her the time of her passing it was around the same time we felt the wired sensation and the flickering of the lights. My theory was that it was my grand mom saying good bye. See now that is the thing about supposed Ghostly experiences…you cannot say for sure what it was.

We know that what we felt that night for a few seconds was real…the goose bumps the flickering lights, we also know that my grand mom died that night  but was it my grand mom’s ghost which cause the feeling and the flickering…we will never be able to prove given the scientific constructs of today but I think I know.

Have you had such energy driven ghostly experiences?  I would love to hear them…we don’t talk about it very often because somewhere we think it makes us sound crazy  but you will be surprised…almost everyone has had at least some interesting ‘energy’ experience!

Look forward to hear your experiences!








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