Well….fact of the matter is that I have put on weight…have a flabby tummy more than I have ever had before and overall my fitness levels are super low. One part of me wants to be fitter…the other part says who cares….why be fitter…who wants to live a long life…just chill and eat ghee and cheese, cake drink…watch TV…if you want to be outdoors…just sit by the lake and lead a good life…why exercise!?

The who-cares aspect has been the stronger voice for many reasons which i will not get into this post today because this post is about workout and the voice inside me which says…get fitter!

Our 18 year old step son was visiting…yeah…my husband has a kiddo from his previous marriage who just turned 18 so I have an 18 YEAR OLD STEP SON… ūüėČ I am just getting used to saying it aloud cause I have issues with ‘Step’¬†as it reminds me of cruel ‘step mom’¬†fairy tales like ‘Cinderella’… ‘Hansel and Gretel’ etc ¬†and I am most¬†definitely ¬†not like that and wow….18….is an adult…¬†I don’t think i am old enough to have an 18 year old kiddo…well…maybe I am…so it is kind of weird to say it out loud…but I am practicing!

So back to the point on this post…..Our 18 year old stepson was visiting & while we encouraged him to go run , exercise and be fit both his dad and I were turning to be couch potatoes who just spoke about wanting to exercise but don’t have the time with ‘work’ and other important¬† similar ‘excuses’ so he introduced us to this mobile app called the ‘home workout’ and that is what this post was suppose to be about before I got distracted!

I started using it a couple of days back and looks promising…the excuses ¬†on i don’t have ‘time’ to ‘go’ and exercise are kind of out of the window…so lets see how this goes!

I have started the full body challenge on the app..currently finished 2 workouts…lets see how the month goes!

Check out the app and tell me what you think and I will keep you updated on my progress on this blog!






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