Hormones are for Real

I feel horrible…kind of sad… little bid depressed ..snappy …irritable.. angry like everyone in the world is out to get me….

But I know that is not true… the world is not out to get me but what I am feeling real….So what is going on?

Well my very educated guess… hormones!

While I see it logically… but yet I hate the feeling..😐 it does not feel good. Why do women have all these hormones the PMS and the fluctuations that mess with your head? Life is not fair … hmm now is that me talking or my out of sync hormones

I empathize with the people who are in a depression … they must feel so horrible to feel sad without any real reason.

So what do I do? Well I am trying to come out and exercise to get some good hormones going but sitting in the badminton court waiting for my next game is not really helping 😐😐.

Ciao… till we meet again

About Shilpszzz

I am me!
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