Blogging Personas

When I was thinking about writing more often as a part of my new year resolutions and using writing as the tool to center myself…I wondered what is interesting, unique and relate-able  in my life to write about?

One of the blogs that I follow is of this lady Lakshmi Iyer. It is a personal blog but super interesting because it is about an Indian living in the USA adopting and parenting racially different that  is a perspective worth recording!

So what is my unique life perspective worth writing about ?

I am so many different people in one…. I don’t have a multiple personality disorder but it is just that i wear so many different hats and act in different personas…

I am the girl next door…with my aspirations, fears, experiences which is what this current blog is about…

I am a new fur-baby mommy…yeah we just got a cutie little puppy home last week!:-)

I am an IT consultant…trying to make sense out of the new technology trends…..

So should I create multiple blogs for my multiple personas?

In addition to “The Shilpszzz Speaks”!? Should I have another one called “FurBabyMommy” for my new role as a puppy mommy and  “New IT Girl” for all the stuff I do at work?

Shilpszz Speaks is just for family friends and random strangers who find it by chance and get engaged by the writing…

“FurBabyMommy” would be something i would like to share on Facebook and other social media channels like twitter& snapchat…..

NewITGirl could potentially be posted on LinkedIn…

So yes in some sense each blog would have a different target audience and purpose.. but will I have enough to write about in each of my personas? Are the personas really unique? Are the readers for each of these personas different?

What do you think dear readers….should i have different blogs or just this one?

I don’t really know!

‘A writers job is to write and purpose is to be read’  Bottom line START writing…..

So I think for now…I will stick to this one blog and add #hashtags for #furbabymommy and #NewITGirl and see if I generate enough content for these streams of my life to have their own blog!

Let me know what you think my dear readers….




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1 Response to Blogging Personas

  1. abc says:

    one is enough.
    writing more often doesn’t mean number of blog need to increase.
    writer shouldn’t involve in number game.
    Adding hashtag is enough

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