If you want to write a blog post everyday which is indeed a very lofty goal…it is not only about the hour you have to spend actually writing it is about how you look at everything that you do during the day with a lens of can I blog about this?

Now that is indeed a good thing because i think it makes you ‘focus’ a little more on your day. I don’t know about you but I very often spend my day  just being very very  busy and at the end  if I try to think back so what did i do today or what did I learn today, I very often draw a blank.

Like for example, yesterday I was doing a marathon cleaning session and listening  to a random audio book in the background and one thing which caught my attention was a mention of ‘Female Viagra’ and how the drug was rejected multiple times by the FDA because of dangerous side effects but only because a sustained pseudo marketing campaign about being pro-choice & leveraging the feminist movement to get the  drug approved.  So my today’s post was ideally suppose to be about Addyi also know as Flibanserin aka female Viagra!

As it happens very often with me, I start with something in mind but the post takes its own path and ends up being very different from that I originally sat to write about!

Maybe I will write some other day about Female Viagra…or maybe not but I had fun reading and learning about it! Check this article out if you are curious to know more!



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