The Consume-Create Spectrum

Do you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day? Do you tend to feel you have achieved something? Did you feel your time was well spent today?

If you are anything like me, most days I don’t even think about it, one day merges into the next…I wake up…eat, drink.. work.. sleep, the cycle continues. There are some good days when I feel accomplished and satisfied and some bad days which just feel like wasted time.

That got me thinking…why do some days ‘feel’ like I have achieved something and others just whiz by and ‘feel’ like wasted time?

While there are many factors which influence our feelings about our day, a potential framework to explain our satisfaction levels is where we subconsciously peg our achievement for the day in the Consume-Create Spectrum. Our satisfaction is directly proportional to our internal ‘perception’ of the complexity and quality of our creation & consumption.

Consume-Create Spectrum

Creation and Consumption are two sides of a complimentary continuum like the yin-yang. Creation is inherently active, consumption is passive.

Let me share some examples of what I mean by Creation and Consumption

Creation: Cooking, Writing, Designing, Knitting, Drawing, Coaching, Teaching young minds

Consumption: Eating, Reading, Browsing, Listening, Watching, Learning

Consumption often can become a background process with very little effort. We passively drift along while watching TV, listening to people, munching, not really processing most of what we are consuming. Active engaged consumption and creating can significantly increases our sense of satisfaction but trying to be creative can be daunting. I have often heard people say that they feel they are just not creative. I truly believe, if we are disciplined, take active charge of our consumption and consciously devote exclusive time in a day to create all of us can be very creative.

In these unprecedented COVID times, we now have a lot more discretionary time. We have a choice to use this extra time at hand to either CREATE or CONSUME.

My key take away:

1.      Minimize passive mindless consumption and move to more active absorbing & learning. Watch out for the quality of what I consume.

2.      Consciously set time aside to Create: Remember creating takes time, discipline & effort. I must be patient with myself and regularly set aside at least 2 hours at a stretch to let the creativity flow.

Happy Creating and Consuming!



PS: Would love to hear from you if any of this resonated. What are you Creating and Consuming these days? How do you feel at the end of your day?

Choices! Create or Consume!?

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